Online navigation course

Navigation is an interesting work to do. In navigation you will need proper knowledge on longitude and latitude, weather condition and many more things. Without the hard work and the help of experts you will not able to learn accurate navigation method and weather circumstances.


Sailtrain is a professional training center, which provides you day skipper online theory, Yachtmaster online course and online navigation courses. Nowadays, many training institutes are available in the market. But in Sailtrain you will get quality training about navigation. At our website you will not only get training upon the navigation of traditional and modern but also you will able to do different courses like RYA Diesel engine course, radar, first aid, CEVNI and many more courses.

Example of online courses are :  Essential Navigation, VHF, Day Skipper Theory, Coastal / Yacht master Theory, Yacht master Ocean theory, CEVNI, PPR and the new Safe & Fun Safeguarding Course.

The Online CEVNI Test: –

To validate your ICC (International Certificate of Competence) for inland waters, you must take the CEVNI test, which checks your knowledge of the rules and signs.

The RYA ICC CEVNI test is a short multiple choice option exam. You can choose whether to take the test at Sailtrains or from home or anywhere in the world.

For more detail log on to or contact us at 07783 447684.


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