RYA Essential Navigation Online Course

Sailtrain is a professional training center, which provides you day skipper online theory, Yachtmaster online course and online navigation courses.

If you have an interest in online navigation course, then this line is a great opportunity for you to know more about the sailing, motor boating, sea angling or driving and about many more things. It is a very good online navigation course for those who have interest in getting some essential knowledge like when you’re afloat, safety of navigation and seamanship to passage planning. RYA Essential Navigation courses can be taken anytime, anywhere and at your own speed. To take this course you just need a computer and internet.


Advantages: –

  • Easy to learn, interactive and full of great graphic
  • Supporting your knowledge and an ideal practice course
  • You can practice what you have learnt before taking the test
  • Through this course you can get all the essential course knowledge


Through this course you will get the complete basic knowledge of yachting. You will have experienced steering a yacht, sail handling, rope work and be aware of safety on board. This course contains rules of the road, man overboard recovery, clothing and equipment, emergency equipment and precautions and meteorology.

For more detail log on to http://www.sailtrain.org.uk/ or contact us at 07783 447684.


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