Yachtmaster Online Course

Our Online theory courses are designed to help you understand both the traditional and modern methods of navigation, pilotage, passage planning and meteorology.Through the online you can learn navigation easily,so for that you need a computer and internet.

RYA Online courses include: Essential Navigation, VHF, Day Skipper Theory, Coastal / Yachtmaster Theory, Yachtmaster Ocean theory, CEVNI, PPR and the new Safe & Fun Safeguarding Course.

We make the learning process so easy by our brilliant step by step animations that make every section of your RYA course easy to follow. You will work at your own speed and in your own time, in the comfort of your own home or office.

Sailtrain provides online navigation and yachtmaster ocean online course at a reliable price. We also provide practical classes’ fort your better understanding. Whether you are a first-timer wanting to be a useful crew member, or a more experienced skipper wanting to expand your skills, there is an RYA course for you.Our navigation and seamanship theory courses are designed to help you unravel the mysteries of navigation, pilotage, passage planning and meteorology.

Yachtmaster Online Course:

The all new Yacht master online theory course is an advanced course that builds on the knowledge gained on the shore based Day Skipper course. It is aimed at sailors and motor boaters who are looking to undertake more complex passages, perhaps offshore or at night. This course is very useful for those looking to work towards taking the RYA Coastal Skipper or Yacht masteroffshore practical exams.

This course is an intensive program covering advanced navigation techniques, including position fixing, course shaping and plotting, calculations and navigation in restricted visibility.

For more detail log on to http://www.sailtrain.org.uk/ or contact us at 07783 447684.


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